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Каталог с добри практики от всички партньори по проекта LOCFOOD
Friday, 12 December 2014

Публикуван е крайният продукт по проекта locfood.jpg  - Каталога с добри практики от всички партньори по проекта. Моля запознайте се с него тук .

Wednesday, 07 February 2007

EURO PERSPECTIVES FOUNDATION is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization in general interest registered in 2008 under the Bulgarian Law on Juridical Persons practicing Non-profit Activities.

The Euro Perspectives Foundation was founded in 2008 in Sofia, Bulgaria as a new institutional structure able to address public interest in an enlarged Europe and to bring endogenous capacities to cross fertilize through Territorial Co-operation with Regional stakeholders in EU and outside for added value Regional polices and EU Integration. 

EPF is intending to play the role of a neutral development pole throughout Bulgaria and the Balkans and participate actively in European Integration processes mobilizing the civil society and building the capacity of the institutions at all levels in order to achieve an effective bottom-up approach linked to EU/International/Global networks of excellence.


The founding Members of the Euro Perspectives Foundation, who have initiated and implemented a number of Interregional Co-operation projects funded by the EU Territorial Co-operation programs (e.g. INTERREG IIIC) and participated actively in the elaboration of Structural Funds Operational programmes for Bulgaria, realized that there was a need for a new institutional set up to continue the thematic work of these networks after the expiration of their financing by EU. The EPF is fed by the concepts, results and ambitions of the interregional co-operation networks and is devoted to continue the work of these & other networks in different EU regions.  


The mission of the Foundation is:

to foster sustainable development in Europe and to strengthen  the European integration in the Western Balkans acting as a centre for training and education, information and experience exchange and policy-making initiatives.


The objectives of the Foundation are:


  • Enhancing European Integration and guaranteeing the sustainability of the results of the integration process;
  • Supporting the competent state authorities in formulating the state policy related to effective delivery of public services and implementation of European policies;
  • Drawing expert potential for the development and implementation of successful practices for public and private investments;
  • Development and implementation of models for successful partnerships;
  • Promoting innovation and economic development to improve the competitiveness and employment throughout the European space;
  • Improving public services in health care, education, science, culture, technology and public and social infrastructure;
  • Contributing to environmental protection, sustainable use of natural resources and preventing risks;
  • Enhancing sustainability and public visibility of protected areas;
  • Improving mobility, sustainable territorial and information society accessibility;
  • Promoting sustainable urban development;
  • Development and affirmation of civil society;
  • Protecting human rights, support for social integration and personal realization of man;
  • Support of youth initiatives;
  • Mobilising EU resources to address the global development gap.


EPF-profile (1.49 MB)   

EPF Statute (253.50 KB)

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