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Project funded by the EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND through the European interregional cooperation program INTERREG IVC


Local food as engine for local business
Financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the European interregional cooperation program  INTERREG ІVС and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.

Project:  1281R4

Area of Action:  Stimulation of innovations in the micro and SME of “food” sector

Partners: The leading partner is from Norway, and the rest are from Great Britain, Greece, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden and “Euro-perspectives” Foundation with a focus in the Region of Sofia.


Start: December, 2011

End: December, 2014 

Status: on-going


Team and experts in Bulgaria:

Veleslava Abadzhieva, Vihra Andonova, Violeta Yaneva


Objective: The project LOCFOOD aims the exchange of experience and good practices at a regional level in order to support the development of local foods.


Specific objectives:

-  To improve existing policies and regional strategies related to the SMEs and entrepreneurial initiatives in the food sector at a local level by promoting entrepreneurship and innovations in relation to the local food;

-  To provide an overview and analysis of existing policies in the sector in the regions of the partners participating in the project. To identify internal and external factors that affect the specificity of the sector in each region- partner under project;

-  To exchange knowledge and experience by conducting research and comparison of the regions thereby to build a clearer idea about the specifics of local companies of the agricultural and food sector.  


The expected results of the project are:

  1. Kick-off meeting;
  2. 8 regional events to share experiences;
  3. Development of specific studies on best practices and legal, institutional, market, financial framework for the development and innovative activity of micro and small companies in the food sector in the Region of Sofia.
  4. Development of 9 regional action plan including for the Region of Sofia;
  5. General project newsletter;
  6. General project website;
  7. Brochure of the project
  8. Compilation of the best practices
  9. Final Conference


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