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Making full value of good ideas by leveraging intellectual assets

for  financing SMEs in SEE

Financed by the South-East Europe Transnational Cooperation programme (SEE) and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works


Project : SEE/D/0237/1.2/X


Area of Action: support for the MSMEs in areas related to innovations and new technologies


Partners: The project is implemented in partnership with 31 organizations from 10 countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia – EU member states and Croatia and Serbia – candidate member states). The Lead partner is  Chamber of Commerce Industry Craft and Agriculture of Venice, Italy. Coordinator for Bulgaria is Euro Perspectives Foundation.  


Start: November 2012

End: October 2014

Status: on-going


Team and experts in Bulgaria:

Veleslava Abadzhieva, Vihra Andonova, Violeta Yaneva, Raina Karcheva 



The main objective of this project, according to the Programme Manual is to facilitate Innovation, entrepreneurship and the knowledge economy, facilitating the access of SMEs and potential entrepreneurs to financial resources required to implement these actions. The main idea is to contribute to create a unique market for good ideas and innovation in South East Europe.

The specific objective of this project is the development and application of common methods of valorising intellectual assets in order to leverage financing out of IPR.. 


Specific Objectives:

- Intellectual Assets and IP valutation as a basis for raising finance and the experience of companies and financial institution on this field

- investigate the role of IP and IA securisation and their impact on innovative SMEs when trying to access to financial markets

- the development of a standardize methodology aiming at evaluation intangible assets from the financial and economical point of view and its application at national and local level according to specific and peculiar needs assessed.

- the elaboration of a new role of financial players, such as venture capitalists, business angels, banks and credit rating agencies when assessing IA and particularly IP

-the development of local networks composed by stakeholders, BIOs and financial intermediaries in charge to test firstly the new methodology of evaluation and then develop new local plans for continue and strenghten the IA evaluation

- the strict connection with public policy makers (particularly NPOs) in seeking to alleviate the problem


Project Activities:

1. Status-quo internationally: Identify and assess the various IP valuation methods being applied across Europe and Internationally

2. Assessment of stakeholder needs: Consult with key stakeholders groups to better understand their needs regarding a potential common valuation method for Europe, namely those involved in valuation, financing and tech transfer

3. Assessment of barriers: Identify the current barriers and potential solutions to a single IP valuation method being adopted across Europe

4. Integrative IP-valorisation methodology: Select a new or existing method, or methods, that would meet the needs of stakeholders and could be considered for adoption across Europe

5. Pilot phase: Pilot test the selected valuation methods/s with key stakeholders and futher refine if required

6. Implementation phase: Disseminate final method/s to relevant stakeholders acrosss SEE area and rest of Europe:

a. for potential national adoption

b. to inform their future innovation policies.


Project implementation is structured in six Work Packages:

WP1 –Transnational project and financial management

The objective of WP1 is to ensure a smooth implementation of the project both from the financial and management poit of view.

WP2  - Communication activities

This WP aims at supporting strong communication and dissemination activities that will be in strict cooperation with the networking activities foresee in WP6.5.

WP3 - State of the art analysis, IP valuation, benchmarking and methodology identification

This WP provides the general methodological framework based on an in-depth global survey of the state-ofthe-art in valorisation of intellectual assets.

WP4 –Elaboration and adaption of the algorithm for the evaluation of intangible assets

Based on the IP valuation methodology elaborated in WP3, this WP foresees the development of the the valuation algorithm of patentable technologies and intellectual assets.

WP5 – Implementation of supporting tools and testing


The main objectives of this wp can be summarised as follows:

a. According to the valuation algorithm developed with related local adapted version, implementation of an IT platform to be used by the operators when testing the methodology. This platform will be the basis for the evaluation of the project results and the collection of data to be stored in a data base able to analyze data concerning SMEs and clusters from all SEE from the IA/IP point of view.

b. Elaboration of training modules able to improve knowledge of operators involved in the testing

activities and coming from PPs, financial institution, private and public development agency in charge to support financial and economical aspects related to SMEs. The modules, developed considering an overall training process will be available through an e-learning platform and traditional courses

c. Implementation of pilot actions to test the methodology implemented through the local algorithms and the IT platform. These actions will consist in direct intervention in all project areas both from macro (clusters) and micro(SMEs) point of view. Particularly, SMEs audit will be performed. Final results of the pilot action will be the proposal of financial services directed addressed by financial intermediaries involved to SMEs

WP6  - Revision of the platform, transfer of knowledge and modelization

The methodology elaborated by the project, tested with pilot actions and submitted to the analysis and discussion by the observers and local financial intermediaries (private and public) will be in this wp revised, amended and integrated according to the experiences carried out.



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