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„MORE4NRG”, financed by ERDF via the INTERREG ІVС Programme of the EU. Project number 0006R1

Area of action: local policies in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources (EE and RES)


Lead partner is Province of Flevoland (The Netherlands). The other partners are: Province of Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands; County Council of Norrbotten and County Council of Västernorrland, Sweden; Maramures Country Council and Prahova County Council, Romania; Region Abruzzo and Lazio Region, Italy; Valencia Agency of Energy, Spain; Assembly of European Regions and Western Greece via Georama and EPF with the Gabrovo Region.


Start: September 2008

End: September 2011

Status: completed


Team and Experts in Bulgaria:

Veleslava Abadzhieva

Kamen Chipev

Mihaela Stoyanova

Ralitsa Manolova

Violeta Yaneva

Milena Ignatova

Nikolai Nikolov

Diana Terzieva


To reduce the effects of climate change and prepare for the decline of the oil-age, European regions play a key role in promoting, developing and implementing renewable energy sources (RES) combined with energy efficiency strategies. Many EU regions are taking action in this field, defining specific objectives and action plans to improve the use of RES and energy efficiency in their area. 86 European regions have signed the Declaration “European Regions for Energy efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources”, initiated by the Association of European Regions (AER) in 2006.Among tehm are 8 Bulgarian municipalities: Svilengrad, Minralni Bani, Madzharovo, Sliven, Haskovo, Chepelare, Dimitrovgrad and Region of Haskovo. In the wake of this declaration 11 EU partners joined forces with the AER in this project.


Main project activities:

  1. Kick-off meeting
  2. 7 regional experience exchange events
  3. Development of specific studies on the good practices and legislative, institutional, financial and market conditions for the development of EE and RES sector at regional level.
  4. 5 peer reviews among which 1 in Gabrovo Region with the participation of experts from Valencia, Spain, Västernorrland, Sweden, Lazzio, Italy and Western Greece.
  5. Development of 5 regional action plans including for Gabrovo Region
  6. Joint project newsletter
  7. Joint project website accessible also in Bulgarian language
  8. Project Brochure
  9. DVD
  10. Compilation of good practices
  11. Final Conference





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