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“MiRaR” (Mitigating Spatial Relevant Risk in European Regions and Towns), financed by ERDF via the INTERREG ІVС Programme of the EU.

It is the objective of this project to learn from the best mitigation processes and each other’s experiences during the course of the project.

The objective of the partnership is to learn from each other’s experiences related to questions on how spatial relevant risks can be recognized and analyzed and how these processes lead to measures to prevent disasters or reduce the effect of disasters to people, infrastructure and the environment. For example, situating industry and large scale transport infrastructure in close proximity to residential areas leads to all kinds of risks that have to be considered in the planning process. Also flooding, forest fires, earthquakes and landslides are other examples of (natural) risks that should be considered. The specifics of the threats are different in every region and town, but the mitigating processes regarding the analysis and weighing of risks are similar everywhere.

Area of Action: exchange knowledge and experience in the field of mitigating spatial relevant risks


Lead partner is Safety Region South-Holland South (The Netherlands)

The other partners are: Forli, Italy; Aveiro and Mirandela, Portugal; Thesprotia, Greece; Tallin, Estonia; EPF, Bulgaria 


Start: November 2009

End: December 2012


Team and experts in Bulgaria:

Veleslava Abadzhieva

Mariya Basheva

Mihaela Stoyanova

Tihomir Nedyalkov

Violeta Yaneva


Main Activities:

  1. Opening meeting
  2. Project Introduction Seminar
  3. 16 Thematic Seminars on Hazard Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Evaluation, Risk Assessment, on protection and action objectives, on mitigation instruments, on setting up a mitigation plan
  4. Developing of 4 press releases and 5 newsletters
  5. Developing a Thematic Brochure on Risk Assessment and Evaluation
  6. Developing a Mitigation Handbook
  7. Final press conference





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