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Project funded by the EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND through the European interregional cooperation program INTERREG IVC


Regions4GreenGrowth (R4GG) 

Area of Action:  financial instruments to stimulate investment in sustainable energy.


Partners: the Province of Flevoland (the Netherlands, leading partner), the Regions of Norrbotten and Västernorrland (Sweden), Maramuresh County and Powder Energy Agency (Romania), the regions of Abruzzo and Lazio (Italy), the Energy Agency in Valencia and Institute of Energy Technology (Spain), Scientific Park in Patra, representing the region of Western Greece (Greece), “Euro-perspectives” Foundation; representing the Region of Sofia (Bulgaria), the Province of Noord-Brabant (the Netherlands), the Assembly of European Regions, Regional Development Agency Észak – Alföld (Hungary), the Council of Oldham, representing the Big municipality of Manchester (the United Kingdom) and “Euro-perspectives” Foundation with a focus in the Region of Sofia.

Start: December, 2011

End: December, 2014 

Status: on-going

Team and experts in Bulgaria:

Veleslava Abadzhieva, Vihra Andonova, Violeta Yaneva, Ralitsa Manolova, Atanas Genkov

Objective:. To provide partners with regional policy instruments, mechanisms and approaches in order to improve access to financing and to accelerate investment in their territories in sustainable energy projects (e.g. renewable energy production, energy efficiency measures)


Specific objectives:

•  To collect and exchange good practices in regional policy instruments, mechanisms and approaches in order to improve access to financing and to promote investment in sustainable energy by the project partners from other EU regions and projects (e.g. "Intelligent Energy - Europe") and the rest of the world [as the regions R20 and Climate Action Alliance].

To analyze the specific challenges related to financing of sustainable energy projects in the region of each partner and to provide an adequate set of tools and actions in order to help to achieve sustainable energy targets for each region.

To prepare specific and detailed spatial plans for implementation in each region, therefore to ensure the implementation of these packages of measures.

To transfer the existing good practices "DE-on" (a tool for sustainable energy development and financing) by the leading Flevoland partner to other partners under the project Regions4Green-Growth through a program for capacity building (master classes) and liberation of three regional under DE-on.

To distribute the collected examples of good practices and experience gathered during the project activities in other EU regions through special communication and events for distribution and products.


Main activities:

Project activities include the collection and documentation of effective policy instruments in this field by partners and other interested parties. R4GG applies the methodology of Peer Review, which involves several partners visiting the partner region to analyze the local challenges and issues related to the project and based on their experience to offer specifically selected packages of policies and instruments to accelerate the sustainable energy investments.

This is a mutual learning process in which the partners also build their knowledge and capacity. The first step is to collect and document the best practices of the partner regions (some already identified) in a catalog of best practices as a basis for exchange and transfer in the peer reviews.

A total number of 13 peer reviews will be conducted in two waves. Each wave starts with a Workshop for all the 11 partners for which the methodology is designed, the hosts of the upcoming inspections provide regional political challenges on which the partners should focus and teams of expert partner staff are created for each check. When completed all examinations, a final workshop shall be performed, which summarizes the results of the verification process.

The project also develops a specific method to create a public-private partnership to invest in the sustainable energy: DE-on model developed by Flevoland, shall be transmitted to partners in a series of master classes and shall be conducted in three partner regions.

The Model DE-on is a 3-step process which comprises:

1) Participation of the interested parties;

2) Feasibility analysis;

 3) Plan DE-on (detailed plan of organization, strategy, financing and portfolio of a regional DE-on).

Along with these master classes, the partners Lazio, Powder and Oldham / Greater Manchester will actually apply this 3-step method for development with the intensive support of Flevoland to develop a customized DE-on plan for their region.

At the end of the project, the partners will develop implementation plans for future activities in their regions, based on the peer review process and DE-on master classes and transfer.

The achievements of the project will be documented in a Handbook on methods and implemented best practice and widespread.


Cooperation with other organizations and networks:

Regions4GreenGrowth project will establish links with other organizations and networks, as the network R20 and Eurisy. The second association will organize workshops on the use of satellite data to obtain information about the potential for sustainable energy in the region. Reliable information is often lacking, although it is quite necessary to enable the potential investors to decide to invest in sustainable energy projects


Expected results of the project are:

  1. 6 meetings of the Management Committee and 4 meetings of the Monitoring Committee;
  2. 1 communication plan;
  3. 1 website;
  4. 6 newsletters;
  5. 2 brochures;
  6. 7 press releases;
  7. participation in 9 external events;
  8. 14 video clips covering the 13 peer reviews;
  9. 1 adapted methodology for visits of the partners;
  10. 2 workshops for preparation of visits of the partners and one final workshop;
  11. 13 partner visits;
  12. 13 best practices;
  13. 13 reports from the partner visits;
  14. 13 regional action plans;
  15. 13 regional implementation plans;
  16. 3 training workshops in De-on


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